The Art of Wine Tasting

The experience of tasting wine is one of the art that has been there since time in memorial and is one of the most fun thing to do. This practice was made more official in the 14th century and people have really adopted it to a great extent. You will that this practice has really developed since then to an extent that we have professional wine taster who use vocabulary while tasting the wine and recreational wine tasting events that are not so official.


Wine tasting is more the use of some of the normal senses of the human body, here are some of the tips that are involved while testing the wine.

Hearing: Even though it is not considered as one of the formal way, it is another way one can test the wine just by hearing the sound of the glass opening and how it pours into the glass.


Seeing: this is another way of enjoying the true taste of the wine by holding the glass more directly in a white background. It is understood that wines do lose color as they age. When you look at the color of the wine depending on which wine you are testing you will get to know the age of the wine.


Smelling: this is achieved by swelling the wine in a glass and at the same time enjoying the wine’s fragrance. You will realize that the scent of the wine is different from the top of the glass you move downwards. At the bottom of the wine glass is where there is a richer aroma than the top where you will get a fruitier taste.


Touching: this is also another way of enjoying this great feeling of the wine. It is understood that when the wine is in the mouth it gives a different feeling. Some of the wines are more flat while other feel velvety or prickly. The reason why one will feel the prickliness in the wine is because of the tannin that is used to reserve the wine. This way is very ideal when testing the red wine as the younger the red wine the pricklier it feels because of the higher content of the tannin.


Testing: One of the most common ways of wine testing that is used by so many. this involves swirling a bit of the wine in the mouth and making sure that it covers all the taste buds. As soon as you have enjoyed how great the wine taste in your mouth you can either swallow it in the process or just spit it out. one of the most important feeling that you will experience after tasting the wine is the finish. This is the aftertaste that you will get as soon as you swallow or spit the wine.


As earlier mentioned this is one of the experiences of a lifetime. So it is very important to learn and know what the wine that we so much enjoy feel s like. The better you get at testing the wine, the more you will enjoy the feeling of having a good wine altogether. In our next article, check ourĀ ginger vs ginger root discussion.